Bespoke French Weddings

for couples who have

the big love

You want a wedding

that’s as
as you are

{we get it.}

your love story is not like anyone else’s

…your wedding shouldn’t be either.
And a wedding in one of the most beautiful parts of France, bringing your nearest and dearest together in such a special place, is the perfect way to celebrate that fact, A wedding abroad means all of your friends and family will really have time to get to know each other and make lifelong memories. When you add to that a perfectly coordinated + styled wedding which conveys the essence of who you are as a couple in every detail
– your wedding will be the one everyone’s still be talking about for years to come.
So you won’t find any ‘packages’ or ‘set menus’ here.
Everything we do is completely bespoke – from your full planning experience down to the tiniest styling details.
Starting with who you are as a couple and the kind of experience you want to create for your guests, we match you up with your creative “Dream Team,” and together we work through every aspect of your wedding in France and deliver it to seamless perfection.

words seem inadequate to capture the magic you conjured.


Details matter
Every detail of your French wedding will be perfectly styled to create a certain feeling for your guests or convey a piece of your story as a couple. The entire experience from concept to creation will be bespoke and unique to you.


the perfect place...

For your perfect day

Southwest france

From Bordeaux vines to Basque beaches, The Pyrenées to the Dordogne (the “land of 1000 châteaux!”) Whatever your dream wedding – the perfect backdrop is waiting for you in beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine. From rustic French farmhouses to turreted fairytale châteaux, 7 course gastronomique wedding feasts to relaxed day-after BBQ’s – it all often comes at much better value than a wedding at home, in Provence or Paris. Add to that some of the most talented and hardworking caterers, florists, musicians (etc.) you’ll ever meet. – it’s a wonder, really, that you haven’t already booked your tickets to come check it all out…
ps. sometimes we still just look around and think:
“We live here!”

We live here.


We believe local knowledge should just be a given when choosing a wedding planner – anywhere. But especially in France, where internet use does frankly still lag behind a bit (there are *lots* of businesses relying on Facebook pages in French rather than an actual website!) It can be really difficult to find the very best suppliers in a foreign language

(hint: the ones with the flashiest, easy-to-find websites aren’t always it!)

But we know the “neighborhood” and we speak the language – with the local twang when necessary.

We know the secret wineries who haven’t yet worked out how to use the big wide interwebs, the hidden gem caterer who doesn’t want to be “too busy” (how French can you get!?!?) and the musicians happy to play for a small sum and a cold beer. We can recommend quaint B&B’s for when you or your parents come out to scope out venues, and talk you through it when you take a wrong turn on the way. We know what time the local shops close and which village bakeries make the best pain au chocolat or croquembouche.

These are our friends and neighbors – and they’ll treat you that way too.

We do know a couple of “destination wedding” planners who do fantastic work, and a few great companies based in the UK – but the key to both is that they have brilliant local partners. There are lots of very fine wedding planners based abroad who will happily plan a destination wedding for you by dragging all of your supplies and suppliers over from their home country. But that definitely doesn’t work with our ethos of supporting the local community, and it certainly isn’t the best value for money for you. (It also creates a serious carbon footprint!)

That said we absolutely do believe you should have exactly the wedding you want – and if that means inviting a photographer from Holland or your Auntie driving down from Ireland with her carefully crafted wedding cake riding shotgun, we’re all for it. But if your planner has you bringing every fork and flower over from their home country, you have to start wondering what the point is of getting married abroad at all.

Oui, mon coeur...

Follow your heart

{that’s French for}
If you’d care to know more about why that’s both our company name and the words we try to live by you can read about it here …but the short version is that we believe in following your heart – even if it doesn’t always make sense at the time.
(Even if, say… it leads you to buy an old house in the middle of nowhere France and start a business doing something most French people had never even heard of.)
You just never know where the tiniest little heart-whisper might eventually lead you.
If you feel drawn to the idea of a wedding in France (even if you’re not sure exactly why) you absolutely should explore what your dream wedding in the Southwest could be.
And we could be just the team to help you create it
we’re here to make it happen.
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